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Want to make some waves and start your own Shenami?

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3. Refer an entrepreneur, that you know, to who is:

- In business at least a year;

- Committed to growing her business;

- Client-focused and supportive of people, in general;

- Believes that LIFE can and should be better for herself and others; and,

- Ready to take action!

The FIRST 20 Women Entrepreneurs/CEOs will be able to join for a reduced rate! Click here to learn more.

4. Refer an Expert Service Provider, that you know, to who is:

- In the DC Metro Area in the fields of Finance, Accounting, Legal, HR, Business Coaching and Marketing;

- A Woman whose clients directly affect her earnings;

- Experienced, comfortable and confident working with accomplished women; and,

- Committed to supporting the growth of women-owned business in her community.

5. Find, frequent and promote women owned businesses.

6. Please, tell a hard working, well deserving woman entrepreneur how much you admire her and her tenacity in running her business. Thank you!

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